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USBuino / Hack the future




Toby and I met up on Thursday and devised the USBuino – combining the Arduino Pro-mini with the USB shield.  It is  a single board with full Arduino and USB capability!

We can think of a couple of applications and high on the priority list is the cellbot-racer :


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3d-printer update – it’s alive


Jossekin (mostly) and I continued the 3d printer build and managed to get to the point where we manually control the x,y and z axis.  Marius helped me to shoot a short video using my phone – so apologies in advance for the quality 🙂

To make up for this, I found a creepy soundtrack on Free Music Archive. As required the attribution and link: 11 strANGE Ls (Mark Neil) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


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Basic Electronics Course – Saturday 10 December


Due to popular demand :-), we are planning to have the Basic Electronics Course this Saturday the 10th.

Nick will be presenting this course and as per his mail will cover
1. transistor ac & dc amplifiers Emitter followers , darlington pairs , inverters
2. Op-Amps (741 / 747s)
3. D/A converter using OP/amps , Hi Pass and Low Pass filters
4. 555 timers
5. Some TTL gates
6. LM335 temperature sensors

I still have to buy the components, but estimate the cost of the course to be R300, this include the above hardware.

You will need to bring a breadboard, laptop and Arduino – shout if you need one of these.

We will start at 9:00 and run till 13:00

Please mail me at schalk dot heunis at gmail dot com, if you want to attend the course this Saturday

TL;DR – Basic Electronics Course this Saturday 9-13, R300, mail if you want to come


Received confirmation from:

Adam – with Arduino, cable and breadboard
Jarrod – with Arduino, cable and breadboard

We are fully booked for Saturday!

Some additional resources as we went through the course:

  1. Course Notes :
  2. Arduino Volt Meter :
  3. Electronics for beginners :
  4. Diode Bridges :
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