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Hackers using Arduino join our user group


It seems the little Arduino is changing many hacker lives. I bump into fans at Communica, online and at work all the time. Surely we can have a user group here in South-Africa? There was an attempt in the past, but it seems it is up to us now….?


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The plan


We want to fill the house with

  • Workbenches
  • White boards
  • CNC machines (well maybe this one in the garage)
  • Maker bots – 3D Printers
  • We want one of these baby

  • Oscilloscope
  • Bandwidth
  • Etc, etc

So that if you want to build a twitter controlled coffee serving robot over the weekend, you can!  And maybe even design a start up that manufacture, market and distribute the TCCSR


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After an amazing weekend with the guys from Johannesburg Startup Weekend, I am really inspired to get this idea off the ground.  What do we have:

  • 1 x House (400 m²) in Centurion – portion of this is used by an innovative IT company
  • Business rights and parking for about 20 cars
  • Server room – soon with some actual servers in it

As part of the business rights submission, we got an architect to do some drawings:

I will be taking some photos of the property later and maybe even a walk through video.

Keep hacking!

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