Amazing First Meetup!


Thanks for everyone contributing to making the first meetup a great success!

HC & Katarina video recorded & took lots of photos and promised to post some of these soon.

The day went as follows:We first had a show and tell, mostly Arduino toys: Toby showed off his smart-orb product prototype – essentially a Android based smartphone accessory that changes color based on the status of your phone. Tobie told about his Arduino based energy logger, it monitors your electricity usage and costs.  I’ve recently played with Android / Arduino integration and built an accelorometer controlled RC car. Also how to integrate to a Nokia 3310 from the Andruino – I will make a seperate post on this.

We then proceeded with a brief tour of the house and garden, including some history.

After this, we engaged in a brain storm on the House4Hack initiative, making it sustainable, its goals, offerings and potential.  This was absolutely amazing – lots of new exciting ideas, leads and suggestions.  Everyone also had a chance to introduce themselves, their skills, experiences and what they are willing to contribute.  What an amazing group of people!

After pizza, we started building the first prototype for the House4Hack Automation system – opening the security gate to the house using a cellphone.  The video is proof of life 🙂


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  1. Tobie 08/09/2011, 4:50 pm:

    Schalk…thanx man. It was awesome. Thanx to all your efforts…

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