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Advanced Arduino Course


Presentation for the Advanced Arduino Course, covering SPI, ATTiny and I2C

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Arduino meets DSC


I made this animation using R and the animation package.  The data was collected by linking my Arduino to my DSC alarm system and capturing the motion sensors (no other hardware required :).  The load readings was logged using an Arduino based Energy Logger.

Join me on Tuesday at 18:30 for a talk on this.  I need some help mapping the commands and testing on various flavours of DSC – so if you have an Arduino and a DSC alarm and are curious ….


Because I am capturing the data live, I can also access it via my browser live – the picture is updated using some simple ajax and html5 canvas:

Works great on my Android!

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Arduino Training Course – Saturday 29th


Please note that we moved the Advanced Course to this Saturday – last week was a bit of mare 🙂  The Stats 4 Hackers will be next Saturday (sorry for the inconvenience).

On Saturday, we will be dealing with the
1. ATTiny – cheap Arduino compatible chip – costs R30 – why commit your R270 Arduino to a project, most cases you only need the Tiny.  It uses the same code and IDE as the Arduino, so the learning curve is quite friendly.
2. I2C / TWI – a protocol for hooking together Arduino’s, Tiny’s and other devices like Nintendo Nunchuck controller (  Great for using ATtiny’s as sensors that pushes data to a central Arduino that sends out control signals
3. SD Card – very handy for sensor readings, energy logger, DSC traffic 🙂  Reading and writing to an SD card is very easy and you could use this with your energy logger, to record minute data and analyse later.

As usual we will start at 9 and run to 13.  We will supply all the hardware etc.

What you need to bring is your Arduino, laptop, breadboard etc.  If you want to attend but don’t have any of these, please indicate in your mail that you need it.

The cost is R300 if you bring your own micro SD card, otherwise we will pick these up (about R100 from Incredible Connection for 2GB – maybe cheaper, so shop around) – again please indicate if you need one.  You will probably wipe the contents of the card, so please backup any data that you don’t want to loose.

Please mail me at schalk dot heunis at gmail dot com, if you want to attend.

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